Corona crisis: fitness tips for at home

Corona crisis: fitness tips for at home

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Move the fitness study into your own four walls

Gyms are one of the most popular options for keeping fit. Many people attend such a study several times a week. Due to the corona pandemic, all studios are now closed. Fitness professionals give tips on how to make the best of the situation at home.

Followers of steel upper arms and abdominal muscles are currently having a hard time. All gyms are closed due to the corona virus. Experts recommend home training - with unconventional burdens.

Squats with a packed backpack

A backpack could become an elementary tool for sports fans in the coming weeks. But not as a transport container on miles of marches through endless landscapes, but as a barbell replacement in your own four walls.

Julian Haspel advises stuffing as much weight as possible into the knapsack and doing squats with it. Haspel is a personal trainer in Stuttgart. For him, the corona crisis is no reason to let muscles wane. He says: "You can also put together some training equipment at home."

Emergency training in your own four walls

In 2019, the employers' association of German fitness and health facilities nationwide recorded almost twelve million gym members. When politicians banned the operation of gyms because of the corona pandemic, some body-optimization disciples may have started to sweat: what happens to their self-sacrificing biceps and triceps? Were all the hours between the leg press and the cable tractor free? Are wide crosses now becoming skinny linnets?

According to Andreas Nieß, a sports doctor from Tübingen, no equipment is needed for emergency training in your own four walls. You can also do strength training very well with your own body weight - for example with classic pushups. The condition can also be maintained by trotting on the spot.

Bodybuilders have to cut back

According to Nieß, however, there is a difference between whether the athletes are interested in maintaining fitness or a special look. At least for those who like to see huge muscle packs in the mirror, slower times begin without balancing heavy iron: "A bodybuilder will have to reckon with the fact that he cannot of course fully preserve this muscle mass," says Nieß.

The loss of mass is fast: Usually a muscle begins to shrink after a week without training, says Alexandros Stampoulidis. He is the chairman of the Baden-Württemberg bodybuilding and fitness association and himself a fitness studio owner. In contrast to fitness athletes, bodybuilders work with heavy weights and a few repetitions to force muscle building - some up to seven times a week. "Most have already gotten a pair of dumbbells on the Internet to limit the damage," he says.

Home training equipment is booming

Sporting goods retailers such as Decathlon are already feeling that not all fitness fans want to spend themselves with their own arms and legs. Although the approximately 80 branches nationwide are closed in the wake of the Corona crisis, online orders are still possible. "In the past week we have seen a large increase in fitness equipment for home use," said a spokeswoman.

Lifting six-packs of water bottles as a replacement for barbells

According to Julian Haspel, a bicep can also grow by lifting six-packs of water bottles. However, most of its customers want to lose weight or improve their shape. He usually meets more than a third of them in the gym. Now he has written training plans for them at home - and makes regular motivation calls. Haspel also had to modify his usual outdoor group training. Otherwise, in the morning he shakes up the stairs around the Stuttgart basin. Now the athletes can bring collective live training sessions into the living room online.

Popular excuses don't work in the corona crisis

Sports medicine specialist Nieß Hope also thinks: "Many people we want to encourage to train often argue with time constraints. That doesn't work as an excuse right now, because you can also do something at home. ”(Vb; source: dpa)

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