Corona: fear of increased domestic violence - you can find help here

Corona: fear of increased domestic violence - you can find help here

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When home is not a safe place

Home office or short-time work, contact restrictions and closed schools, day care centers, shops and leisure facilities: the corona crisis is currently forcing most people to stay at home around the clock. For some, this means "only" a restriction of personal freedom, contacts and leisure activities, they can make themselves comfortable in their own four walls.

It means hell for the victims of domestic violence and abuse or for the children of addicted parents. 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a confined space with the perpetrators, with no alternative. In addition, the nervous stress caused by the crisis can increase the propensity to violence and further increase addiction tendencies or problems - a vicious circle for the relatives concerned.

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs has already registered an increase in calls to telephone hotlines for those affected by around 20 percent, as announced on the website of the authority.

Those affected can find help here

If you are concerned yourself, please do not hesitate to get help for yourself and / or your children as soon as possible.

The Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks offers on the phone number 08000 116 016 a Help Line "Violence against Women". People of all nationalities, with and without disabilities, can find advice there, 365 days a year, around the clock.

Relatives, friends and specialists can also get advice there. The offer is also available as online advice, if desired either by email or in chat.

In the "Youth emergency mail" Children and adolescents up to 19 years of age find advice and help in online individual counseling, chats and forums on topics such as family, sexual harassment / abuse and violence.

The "Number against grief" offers telephone support for Children and adolescents at the number 116 111 and online. Affected parents can they 0800 111 0550 call.

All offers are confidential and free of charge!

Further information and support offers can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth and on the website of the Federal Government's Commissioner for Abuse.

Outsiders can do that

Do you suspect that neighbors, friends or acquaintances are experiencing violence or sexual abuse? Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, the Federal Government's Abuse Officer, advises in a Tagesschau online report not to address those who may be affected directly.

It is better to get professional advice immediately, for example from youth welfare offices or the police. You can also find helpful tips and telephone numbers on the website of the Federal Government's Commissioner for Abuse. (kh)

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