Dog food recall at Fressnapf because of Salmonella

Dog food recall at Fressnapf because of Salmonella

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Salmonella: Fressnapf informs about recall for dog snack

The Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH from Krefeld informs about the recall for a dog snack. According to the company, this can be contaminated with salmonella. These bacteria can cause a disease in dogs that can be fatal.

The Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH provides information on its website about the recall of dog snacks from the supplier "cadocare GmbH". According to the information, the dog food is recalled because of salmonella.

Purchase price will be refunded

The recall affects "Multifit rabbit ears" 100 g, with the best before date (best before): 11.02.2022 / LOT: 0607200004415 and best before: 04.02.2022 / LOT: 0606200003444.

"Please bring the above Items back to our stores. The purchase price will of course be refunded to you, ”says the press release.

And further: “We regret that we are causing you this inconvenience!”

Disease can lead to animal death

Salmonella are bacteria that can cause salmonellosis in both humans and dogs. In dogs, the disease usually begins three to five days after infection.

In dogs, "latent infections are mostly observed, and diarrhea, vomiting and fever can develop under the influence of favorable factors," explains the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) on its website.

According to experts, the disease can also lead to the death of the animal if the course is severe.

Freezing the product to kill the germs is useless: “Salmonella generally grow in a temperature range of 10 to 47 ° C and are not killed by freezing. Assured germ killing means heating to over 70 ° C for at least 15 seconds, ”writes AGES. (ad)

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