Can Alzheimer's be cured by targeted treatment with electrical impulses?

Can Alzheimer's be cured by targeted treatment with electrical impulses?

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Is it possible to reverse Alzheimer's?

A special headgear with magnets that sends electrical impulses to the brain can apparently reverse the effects of Alzheimer's.

NeuroEM Therapeutics' investigation found that headgear that stimulates the brain with electromagnetic waves appears to counteract the effects of Alzheimer's. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Journal of Alzheimer's Disease".

How does a TMS treatment work?

Eight patients with mild or moderate forms of Alzheimer's took part in what is known as experimental transcranial electromagnetic treatment (TMS). They wore headgear with magnets, which emitted electrical impulses. For example, protein clusters that are known to hinder nerve cells from working should be broken down. Seven of the patients showed a significant improvement in memory, language, attention, behavior and mood through treatment. The researchers now hope that the promising results could be the beginning of a breakthrough in Alzheimer's research.

TMS treatment dissolved toxic clumps of protein

During the tests, the patients used the TMS headgear twice a day for one hour each. The treatment resolved toxic clumps of protein, also known as amyloid beta and tau, whose formation is thought to be the cause of Alzheimer's. Once these have been eliminated, previously blocked nerve cells in the brain can theoretically function normally again, the researchers explain.

More research is needed

In this study, patients were assigned a severity of Alzheimer's on a scale from 0 to 70. After two months, all but one patient showed an improvement of at least four points on the scale, which was considered clinically significant. Alzheimer's patients can usually expect their rating on the scale to deteriorate by around four points per year. This suggests that TMS treatment has postponed her illness for a year. The improvements were retained two weeks after treatment. A probable explanation for the continued benefit after the end of treatment is that the disease process was affected by Alzheimer's, the researchers report. Since there were apparently no harmful side effects, it is now planned to expand the study to 150 patients. However, as the new form of treatment is just beginning, the results should be viewed with caution. (as)

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