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Home remedies for colds

Home remedies for colds

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Home remedies for colds and colds

Home remedies for runny nose can relieve the symptoms. Regardless of whether you have a stuffy or constantly runny nose: every runny nose (rhinitis) brings with it unpleasant side effects and sometimes even grows into a tangible sinus infection. So that the rhinitis is as mild and without complications as possible, simple home remedies from naturopathy and empirical medicine can be used.

Home remedies alleviate runny nose

The medicine chest has numerous remedies available for treating colds. These can noticeably soften the course with its typical complaints, but not shorten it in duration. This is also suggested by the popular saying that an untreated runny nose lasts for a week, but a treated one takes seven days. Another rule of thumb also includes the time of the subsiding cold, when it says: “He comes three days. He stands for three days. He leaves for three days. ”If the symptoms do not heal or even worsen after this time, or if blood or pus is visible in the handkerchief, then it is advisable to see a doctor. This is to prevent the spread of bacteria and to prevent chronic colds.

First aid for colds: iodine water

An old home remedy for colds is drinking iodine water. At the very first signs of a runny nose, drink a glass of water to which a drop of ten percent tincture of iodine has been added. The iodine is said to regulate the fluid balance of the nasal mucous membranes and thus prevent the onset of runny nose.

An alternative is to take Schüssler Salt No. 15, Potassium iodatum D6 on, which - administered every half hour - should serve the same purpose.

In homeopathy applies Potassium iodatum (Kali-i) as a suitable remedy for colds with abundant, watery and sharp secretions, with aggravation at night and in closed rooms, while fresh air and movement improve the condition. Self-treatment with iodine should, however, be avoided in cases of known thyroid disease and hypersensitivity to iodine. Practical medical advice is required here!

Eating and drinking if you have a cold

A runny nose that has just broken out is said to be due to a Dry thirst cure be favorably influenced. To do this, immediately stop the hydration for 24 hours and eat as dry food as possible, such as rusks or bread. In addition, physical activity, e.g. Work and long walks drive the disease out of your body with sweat.

Colds that have already solidified can be solved by drinking a lot of water and light herbal teas (e.g. chamomile or elderflower tea). This liquefies the mucus so that it can run off unhindered. Broths and soups that warm the inside and relieve the metabolism are recommended, since the organism can fully devote itself to the self-healing process instead of digesting fatty and protein-rich meals.

Inhalation and steam baths

Local applications that are suitable for all types of colds are inhalations. Inhalation can be carried out as a steam bath or with a special device with mouth and nose attachment, which is available in pharmacies.

The classic steam bath is done by holding your head over a bowl of boiling water and covering it with a large towel. The rising vapor is inhaled for up to ten minutes. The expectorant effect is enhanced by the addition of a teaspoon of table salt or Emser salt, a tablespoon of dried thyme herb or sage leaves. The advantage of this method compared to modern inhalers is the external heat effect on the entire face area, which makes the use also recommended for blocked sinuses, sinuses and foreheads.

Inhalation is somewhat milder when a sprig of spruce, fir or mountain pine simmer in a large saucepan with water on the stove at the lowest setting, whereby the ethereal steam is distributed in the room. The remaining brew can then be used directly as an additive for a full bath or foot bath. Alternatively, a small bowl can be filled with water and a drop of essential oil added accordingly. For children in particular, it is sufficient to place the bowl on the heater or near the heater.
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Important for colds: support your immune system!

A cold or a cold means a lot of work for your body's defense system. However, you can support it by making sure you get enough sleep, or if you have severe complaints, stay in bed and keep warm. Because during sleep, a particularly large number of immunologically active substances are released, which strengthen the immune system and increase the chance of quickly fighting the pathogen. In general, any form of stress should be avoided, as it costs too much energy and weakens the immune system.

The same applies to alcohol and nicotine, since luxury foods also have a negative impact on the immune system. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are therefore generally very good approaches for strengthening health.

Sufficient drinking is very important, especially if you are heavily mucous and / or have an elevated temperature. Experts recommend half a liter of additional fluid for a 38 degree fever. With higher values, it is advisable to drink an extra liter for each additional degree. It is best to use water or hot tea.

Ensure fresh air and a good indoor climate

Make sure that the apartment is ventilated regularly and (especially in the winter months) there is high humidity. To ensure this, you can simply place bowls filled with water on the heaters or alternatively hang wet towels over them. The evaporation of the water increases the humidity in the room, which prevents the mucous membranes from drying out. If you are fever-free and feel fit enough, take a walk in the fresh air at least once a day and take a deep breath.

Foods that strengthen the immune system are primarily fruits and vegetables in raw rather than cooked form, because this is rich in cell-protecting antioxidants. Make sure you eat as "colorfully" as possible and choose different colored varieties. Dark products such as Blueberries, cherries, kale and broccoli have a particularly high content of valuable vital substances. The same applies to nuts (especially almonds), garlic, tomatoes and spinach.

Preventive home remedies for colds

Nasal irrigation is easy to do by sucking liquid from your hand directly into your nostrils. Ten percent salt solutions (table salt or Emser salt) or herbal preparations are suitable. Regularly used nasal irrigation should not cause a runny nose.

Rhinitis can also be prevented by sucking lozenges with the extract of rock rose (e.g. cystus 052) or gargling them as liquid preparations. Especially in the cold season, the active ingredients of cistus protect the cells of the upper respiratory tract from the ingress of incoming viruses, which are usually responsible for the simple cold.

Other home remedies for treating cold symptoms

There are numerous other measures and remedies from naturopathy that are recommended for self-treatment for colds and colds with symptoms such as cough, hoarseness, fever and sore throat. For example, homemade onion syrup or the famous hot milk with honey can be used for coughing.

If the voice is rough and brittle, there are home remedies for hoarseness such as gurgling with chamomile tea. Fever can be naturally reduced by calf wraps or washes, which is particularly useful for young children. Quark wraps and sage tea are among the effective home remedies for sore throats. (jvs, nr)

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