Summer flu: ten tips for the right treatment and prevention

Summer flu: ten tips for the right treatment and prevention

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Ten effective tips for protection against summer flu

The large temperature differences in the past few weeks have meant that many Germans had to lie in bed with summer flu. In the coming weeks there will always be a change between heat and cooler temperatures. If you do not want to catch an infection then you should follow some tips from health experts.

Temperature change between heat and cold

The recent change between heat and cooler temperatures can be very stressful for the body. If you do not have a strong immune system, you can quickly catch an infection even in summer. But you can prevent that. Health experts explain how to protect yourself from summer flu.

Symptoms similar to those of a winter cold

The symptoms of summer flu are similar in terms of the symptoms of a winter cold.

“Summer flu” is not a real flu at all, but a flu-like infection, explains IDEAL Lebensversicherung a. G. on their website.

Coxsackie, entero and echo viruses are mostly responsible for the summer illness. The pathogens are mainly passed on through droplet (cough, soak in) and smear infections (contaminated objects such as door handles).

Typical symptoms include runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, headache and body aches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and tiredness.

Similar to a normal cold, the symptoms usually last between one and two weeks.

In the case of long-lasting complaints or poor general condition, a doctor should be consulted to avoid consequential damage. This recommendation applies above all to people with a weakened immune system.

Drafts and air conditioners

Certain conditions increase the risk of illness. Drafts, for example, can cool down our body or certain parts of the body more than would actually be good.

The result is that the organism reduces blood circulation at these points. And that offers pathogens a target. A similar situation can arise with fans.

Air conditioning systems are also problematic. Because when changing from outside to inside, the temperature difference can be considerable, which puts the circuit under stress.

And especially when you enter air-conditioned rooms sweaty, the risk of a cold is high, since the sweat does not evaporate immediately and stays in the cooler environment for much longer.

The effect of the body's own cooling overlaps with the air conditioning system, and the body cools down even more.

You should also be careful especially in the evening, because then the temperatures usually drop relatively quickly. This is especially true when the sky is cloudless.

For a cozy evening in the beer garden or on the garden terrace, it is best to keep something warm to cover.
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Disease can usually be treated without medication

The treatment of summer flu can usually be done without medication, since in most cases it is a harmless disease. Health experts point out that antibiotics in particular are usually useless for summer illness.

Basically, measures similar to those of a normal cold in winter are recommended. The following treatments can help:

Keep calm
It is recommended to sleep a lot and not to overexert the body. However, you should not stay at home all the time, but also in the fresh air. A good time for a walk is the evening when it is a little cooler.

Drink a lot
Sufficient hydration should always be ensured in summer. If you are chipped, you should drink more water than usual. It is not advisable to eat too heavy food, which is very stressful for the digestion.

Calf wrap
Life insurance also recommends a calf wrap to reduce the fever that arises. In addition, the cool wraps refresh in summer and stabilize the circulation.

How to protect yourself

Prevention is even better than treatment. The non-profit association Gesundheitsstadt Berlin e. V. has listed “Ten tips for protection against summer flu” on its portal:

  • Drink enough (two to three liters a day)
  • Avoid drafts
  • Switch on the air conditioning system as rarely as possible / do not set it too cold
  • Change sweaty clothes as soon as possible
  • Wash hands several times a day and keep away from face
  • Shake as few hands as possible (and politely explain why)
  • Alternative to washing hands for sensitive skin: hand disinfectant
  • Strengthen the immune system through a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid long sunbaths, they dry out the body
  • Exercise regularly and moderately. (ad)

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