Lose weight: feast on this diet and don't gain weight

Lose weight: feast on this diet and don't gain weight

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Mediterranean nutrition can keep people from overeating and prevent weight problems

Many people simply eat too much and therefore have problems with their weight. Researchers found that a Mediterranean diet helps to eat no more than is needed and thus supports a healthy body weight.

A study by the Wake Forest School of Medicine found that non-human primates did not consume all the foods available to them through a Mediterranean diet, thereby maintaining their body weight. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Obesity".

Counting calories unnecessarily?

In the current study, a typical western diet was compared to a Mediterranean diet. Diets where people count every single calorie to maintain a healthy body weight may be unnecessary if people are eating a Mediterranean diet. With such a diet, non-human primates did not consume all the food available to them and thus maintained their weight. The animals that ate a western diet exaggerated food intake and gained weight.

Differences in the form of the diet?

The types of nutrition in the study were carefully designed to reflect human nutrition. In the Mediterranean diet, protein and fat were mainly obtained from plant sources, while animal sources were used in the Western diet. Both forms of nutrition contained comparable amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates. It was found that the group that consumed the Mediterranean diet consumed fewer calories and had a lower body weight and less body fat compared to animals that received a Western diet, the researchers report. In addition, animals with a Mediterranean diet also had a lower risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) because obesity is a major cause of this disease.

Healthy eating protects against obesity and diseases

It is the first preclinical study to investigate the effects of Western and Mediterranean diets on obesity-related conditions under controlled conditions, the authors explain. Even reported data on calorie intake is often unreliable. Western nutrition has been developed and promoted by companies that want people to consume their food. It is often very tasty and can cause people to overeat. A Mediterranean diet should enable people to enjoy their food and still not eat too much, the researchers say. Hopefully the results will encourage people to eat healthier foods and improve human health.

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