Enjoy the sun without disadvantages: four basic rules for sun protection

Enjoy the sun without disadvantages: four basic rules for sun protection

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Experts summarize the four basic rules for sun protection

The German Weather Service (DWD) recently pointed out that June in Germany has never been warmer and sunnier than June 2019. And the next few months could also be very hot. The high UV intensity can permanently damage the skin. In order to enjoy the sun without any disadvantages, it is important to protect yourself properly. Experts explain what to watch out for.

Enjoy advantages without suffering disadvantages

In general, sun rays have a positive effect on people: they affect our vitality, mood and well-being. They are also important for recharging the vitamin D stores. But the skin can also be permanently damaged by sunlight. In order to enjoy the advantages without suffering disadvantages, it is sufficient to observe a few basic rules, explains the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) on its website.

What is important when it comes to sun protection

According to the LGL, the four elementary rules for sun protection are summarized at a glance in pictograms published by the EU Commission years ago:

  • Avoid the intense midday sun
  • Protect yourself with clothing, hat and sunglasses
  • Do not expose babies and young children to direct sunlight
  • Use sufficient sunscreen

The state office advises to apply sunscreen generously (approx. 35 g for the body of an adult), otherwise the specified sun protection effect will not be achieved.

It is also important to apply the sunscreen several times, especially after staying in the water, otherwise it will lose its protective effect.

As the experts explain, the skin's own protection time (approx. Ten minutes) is calculated multiplied by the sun protection factor.

Use the right sunscreen

When choosing the sunscreen, it should be ensured that the level of the required sun protection factor depends on the skin type.

In addition, you should always base your sun protection on the UV index.

According to experts, it should also be noted that sand and water reflect the dangerous ultraviolet radiation and therefore more protection is required on the beach.

According to the Bavarian LGL, the sunscreen should not only protect against sunburn-causing UV-B rays (expressed by the SPF), but also against UV-A rays that penetrate deeper into the skin and cause damage there. (ad)

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