#Shellonchallenge: Eating anything with a bowl can also harm health

#Shellonchallenge: Eating anything with a bowl can also harm health

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Eat everything with shell: Health risks from new trend #shellonchallenge

In the past few years, various challenges have repeatedly been published on the Internet, some of which could even have life-threatening consequences. The #shellonchallenge is currently making the rounds. It's about eating food with a bowl. Consumer advocates point out that this can lead to health problems.

Consume more healthy foods

Health experts recommend eating at least five to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day. This provides your body with important vitamins and minerals and protects you from diseases. So it is good to see people asking each other to eat such foods. But the new #shellonchallenge trend is about eating food with the bowl - or even with the packaging. Consumer advocates explain why in many cases this is not a good idea.

Eat fruit and vegetables in their skins

There are currently various videos and photos of people who eat something with a shell (“shell on”) on Twitter, Snapchat and other social channels.

Although food such as carrots can be eaten unpeeled, and this is also recommended by health experts for apples, peaches or cucumbers, the situation is very different for oranges, bananas, nuts or even raw eggs.

The Consumer Center Bremen points this out in a message.

Not everything is suitable for consumption with a bowl

In the message, consumer advocates explain why some foods should not be eaten raw and shelled:

Raw potatoes with skin: the solanine contained in the vegetables can cause abdominal pain.

Nuts with shell: since the shell is not digested, minor injuries could result.

Orange and lemon peels: although smaller amounts are used in baking and are also inlaid, only untreated organic goods should be used for this if possible. Even these should be washed thoroughly before consumption and rubbed dry with a cloth to avoid possible residues of pesticides or other buildup.

Mango and banana: all fruits should be washed before eating. Do not forget to wash your hands even after peeling, as the peels are often wetted with pesticides, which are otherwise completely absorbed.

Eggs: According to the consumer advice center, children and the elderly should refrain from eating raw eggs because they easily cause food infections. Eggshells consist mainly of lime (calcium) - although they are not fundamentally dangerous, small injuries can also occur here.

Do not swallow plastic packaging

According to the experts, the challenge is now also extending to packaged foods - for example chocolate bars with plastic packaging.

But the conscious swallowing of plastic packaging should be avoided at all costs.

In addition to the risk of injury, substances from the plastic packaging in the gastrointestinal tract can also come loose, which can lead to illnesses in the long term.

In addition, the plastic packaging is probably not very clean, depending on how many hands you have already passed.

The effects of plastic eating on animals can be seen in the pictures of dead sea birds, fish or whales that have plastic in their stomachs.

The Bremen Consumer Advice Center has another tip: If you absolutely want to take part in this challenge, you can use washed asparagus or rhubarb - they are in season and the bowls are also edible. (ad)

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