Hepatitis E viruses in minced meat - these risks involve meat rolls

Hepatitis E viruses in minced meat - these risks involve meat rolls

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Raw pork fat is the best way to get hepatitis E infected. From 2006 to the present day, the number of infected people in Germany rose from 100 to 3,000.

Hepatitis E - More and more patients in Germany

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) makes it clear: “The number of food-borne diseases caused by viruses is increasing steadily. Hepatitis E is increasingly transmitted via food from infected pigs and wild animals. "

Garen kills viruses

The viruses do not survive the heat generated by cooking, baking or roasting. The main risk is the consumption of undercooked meat. For us this means above all pork meat, which we always eat raw on the Mettbrötchen.

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How does hepatitis E express itself?

The viral disease attacks the liver. Often there are no symptoms at first. Several weeks after the infection, those affected have to vomit and suffer from a fever. In 99 percent of cases, those infected did not notice hepatitis E, according to Deutsche Leberhilfe.

When will it be dangerous?

As harmless as the virus is for most people, it becomes dangerous for those with chronic liver disease, pregnant women and people with a weak immune system. In these, a disease is fatal in up to 20 percent of the cases - and there are no vaccinations or medication.

Not water, but food

Doctors used to assume that the main source of infection was contaminated water outside the EU. But today it is clear that food plays a much bigger role in spreading the disease. The main carrier is the domestic pig.

The European Food Safety Authority warns

Raw meat has always been one of the most important ways to spread disease from animals to humans. The European Food Safety Authority issues a clear warning not to eat semi-cooked or raw pork.

Unknown risks

Microbiologist Bettina Rosner also explains: "Many consumers do not know at all that raw pork poses a risk of infection, especially for people with reduced or underdeveloped immune systems."

Danger to young children

Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy are among the most at risk. However, these are medically informed about light food. The Robert Koch Institute, on the other hand, found a significant number of small children who became infected with diseases after consuming pork fat. Rosner says: “I could imagine that young children enjoy eating Mett relatively. It doesn't taste that intense, is soft, and can be smeared onto bread quickly. ”(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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