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The ears big, the penis small: This happens from 40!

The ears big, the penis small: This happens from 40!

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The body changes more and more the older we get

As we get older, many changes in the body happen. As the ears get bigger, the penis shrinks at the same time. In addition, the fat pads grow on all parts of the body. Wrinkles and waning agility are further signs of the aging process. It gets really uncomfortable when the ears grow and the penis shrinks. We show why this is so and how you can at least slow down the process.

The older we get, the more our body changes. The most obvious feature is gray hair. They show us that the aging process can no longer be stopped. But that is not the only sign. Wrinkles, more and more fat accumulation and decreasing agility are further signs that we are changing. In addition, there are other, sometimes curious signs of aging that we humans expect as we get older.

For example, our ears grow and men's penis shrinks. This scares many people, but it is part of "normal aging". Big feet and ears, hardly a neck, a small penis, a lot of belly and no hair, all of which comes as we get older.

Aging is an unpleasant idea for most people. And yet we experience it every day, every week and every year. Our bodies are changing increasingly. It's not just about physical limitations, it's also about physical changes. However, some of these changes will be unknown. We present precisely those, often also bizarre, in this article.

The older we get, the smaller we get. From the age of 40, we have to lose about one centimeter of our height every decade. This means that we will be around five centimeters smaller in the 80th year of life than at the heyday of our lives. Because the older we get, the more fluid we lose.

Smaller penis, changed sexuality

In addition to the loss of height, men also face the risk of losing their penis length. This is due to the fact that the muscle cells also decrease with age. This means that the penis is also less and less filled with blood. As a result, the “best piece” loses elasticity and, when erect, no longer reaches its original size. Hence the impression that the penis "no longer becomes really stiff". In addition, there is a risk of impotence, which can, however, be managed with medication such as Viagra. As the prostate grows, the muscles in the pelvic floor become smaller, it becomes more difficult to reach the climax. The men have to work harder. This changes sexuality. It takes more time and care in old age.

More fat accumulation in the body

Fat accumulation increases in men and women. A formerly slim waist is increasingly changing - even without increased energy intake - to a larger waist size. Here, too, the dwindling muscle mass is responsible. With less movement and a lower energy metabolism, the cushions are getting bigger. The only help against this is regular exercise and an appropriate diet. The motto is therefore more exercise and less food. On the other hand, a few extra pounds help plump up the wrinkles. The art is to find the right balance.

Hair from the ears, no hair on the head

It gets really mean for men. The male hormone testosterone inhibits hair growth on the head. In reverse, however, hair growth on the face and on the rest of the body is promoted. So the hair grows in the most impossible places, such as the ears, nose or back. Not only men are affected. Women also have to deal with the additional hair.

Big ears

Everyone knows the fairy tale about the grandmother with the big ears. What Little Red Riding Hood asks is unfortunately a reality. In fact, the ears grow older. The reduced fat layer between the cartilage and skin is responsible for this. Thus, the formerly firm connection slackens and the ears become larger.

Plate and larger feet

Shoes that fit a while ago could soon become very uncomfortable. But the feet also suffer from signs of aging over time. Because they have carried people everywhere for a long time. This makes them flatter, longer and wider. The elasticity of the muscles and tendons is steadily decreasing. The feet are getting longer.

A neck that disappears

Because the taut contours fade from younger days, the contours between the neck and chin also blur. In cosmetics this is called "turkey neck". It is a combination of fat, chin and collagen-poor skin. As a result, the elasticity of the skin and neck decreases steadily. Sport is the only way to slow down the process. More muscles means more elasticity and resilience. (sb)

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