Rewe market recall: Caution health risk in frozen pizza

Rewe market recall: Caution health risk in frozen pizza

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Sold by Rewe: manufacturer calls back frozen pizzas because of possible plastic parts

Franco Fresco GmbH from Geretsried in Bavaria has started a recall for “Gustavo Gusto I like Pizza Prosciutto”. In individual cases, the product that was sold in Rewe stores may have sharp-edged plastic parts. We strongly advise against eating the affected pizzas.

We strongly advise against eating the pizzas

Franco Fresco GmbH from Geretsried (Bavaria) is calling back the frozen pizza "Gustavo Gusto I like Pizza Prosciutto" (black cardboard), 450g, with the best before date 13.05.2019 and the lot number 288. According to a message from the company, due to a production error, “it cannot be ruled out that sharp, transparent plastic parts may be on these pizzas in individual cases”. Consumption is therefore "strongly discouraged".

Three federal states affected

According to the manufacturer, the manufacturer reacted immediately and had the affected article taken out of sale.

Rewe stores in the federal states of Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate are affected.

As the company reports, customers can return the affected product in any market and get the purchase price back even without a receipt.

Foreign bodies in food

In food production, errors in the manufacturing processes can lead to contamination or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues.

Foreign bodies in food can cause many different injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, nature and material of the swallowed body, chewing injuries can occur in the mouth and throat.

In addition, depending on the size, swallowed plastic parts can block the esophagus or digestive organs.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. Digestion or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be excluded.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass. (ad)

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