Can be dangerous: brewery calls back beer via Penny

Can be dangerous: brewery calls back beer via Penny

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Danger of unintentional alcohol consumption: beer recall at Penny

The Braunschweig brewery has started a recall for the article "Turmbräu Export (PET bottle 0.5l)". The alcoholic beer sold at Penny was incorrectly labeled as “non-alcoholic”. This could lead to unintentional alcohol consumption, which could be dangerous for some groups of people.

Alcohol-containing beer labeled as "non-alcoholic"

The Braunschweig brewery is recalling the article "Turmbräu export PET bottle (0.5l)", which is sold in markets of the food discounter Penny. According to the company, the alcoholic Turmbräu export with the best-before date 04/2019 and the lot numbers L: 00 F12 01 up to and including L: 23 F12 59 was accidentally stuck with the wrong back label of "Turmbräu alcohol-free". "This can lead to unintentional alcohol consumption," says a message.

Second call back within a few months

According to the information, the return of the beer from the trade has already been arranged.

Anyone who has bought the affected product can return it to the respective shop for a refund of the purchase price.

Just a few months ago, Penny had a similar recall. At that time, a beer had been labeled as non-alcoholic wheat beer, although it contained alcohol.

Even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous

Health experts repeatedly point out that even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous.

For example, a glass during pregnancy can endanger the unborn.

And people with previous illnesses such as diabetes or people who suffer from histamine allergy are usually advised to refrain from (alcoholic) beer, wine and the like to avoid health problems. (ad)

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