Why do many people drink tomato juice on a plane?

Why do many people drink tomato juice on a plane?

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Why is tomato juice so popular on a plane?

Nowhere else does the taste of tomato juice come into its own as at dizzying heights - for example on an airplane or on the Zugspitze. But why actually? These places have one thing in common: the air pressure is lower compared to that of the lowlands. As is known, this presses on the ears, but also affects the perception of taste.

At low pressure, fruity smells and sweet, cooling taste impressions come to the fore and the tomato juice really tastes of sun-ripened, freshly harvested tomato. Its earthy, musty aroma, often perceived under normal pressure, disappears.

Incidentally, tomato juice can also be easily made by yourself; preferably from fresh harvest. To do this, peel the tomatoes and simmer in pieces for about 10 minutes. The mixture can be seasoned to your taste: with salt and pepper, chilli, tabasco or whatever else the spice rack offers. A delicious taste is obtained by adding other types of vegetables, for example celery. They should be cooked right away. Finally, press the mixture through a sieve or cloth and catch the juice - done. Dr. Christina Rempe

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